When to Have Your Well and Water Source Tested

//When to Have Your Well and Water Source Tested


A lot of our clients living in outlying areas surrounding Guelph, and their homes are serviced by well water. 

Often, I’m asked about well water testing; specifically, when it should be done.

Certainly, it makes sense for home owners to check their well every spring in order to rule out any mechanical problems. Once a year, it’s wise to test for coliform bacteria, nitrates, total dissolved solids, and pH levels. If, for any reason, you suspect there may be other contaminants in your water, absolutely test for those as well.

Testing for these potential problems can be expensive. The best way to start is to consult a local expert, such a Guelph plumber  with water treatment experience, or the Ministry of Environment. Talk to them about the concerns you have.

Typical flags that suggest you should have your well water tested include:

  • There are known problems with well water in your area;
  • You have experienced problems near your well (i.e., flooding or other land disturbances);
  • Your home is located in close proximity to waste-disposal sites or large scale animal farms;
  • You’ve replaced or repaired any part of the well system; and
  • You’ve noticed a change in water quality (i.e., odour, colour, or taste).

One thing’s for certain – do not approach well water with a mindset of waiting for a problem to occur. Some basic testing is a fairly simple way to stay on top of things and identify problems very early on.

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