Water Softener Benefits

//Water Softener Benefits

Water SoftenersWhile soft water is not everyone’s cup of tea, I will say that the majority of people I meet with in the course of my plumbing and water treatment business do indeed prefer soft water. 

Why, exactly, does someone need (or at least want) a water softener? Well here are a few reasons.

  1. Reduces Scaling. We have extremely hard water in Guelph, and that hard water can lead to a lot of scaling on appliances, fixtures, and in piping. None of these things are good, and hard water can diminish the life span of these items. By softening the water you reduce the scaling.
  2. Reduces Residue. Now, some people swear that soft water leaves a residue on their skin. Actually, soft water reduces soap residue on clothes and skin. This is a healthier approach, in particular if you are using detergents or soaps that aren’t extremely gentle.
  3. Softens Hair. Okay – my wife made me add this one. But kidding aside, hair will be softer and shinier if you are running soft water to your bath or shower.
  4. Cleaners Go Further. Ever feel like you needed to put extra soap, shampoo, or detergents into water just to get a lather going? That problem goes away with softened water, and in fact you’ll likely use a lot less of these products once you get a water softener installed.

So there you have it – a few key benefits to water softeners. For drinking purposes, softened water should be treated prior to consumption. It’s great for bathing and cleaning, but soft water isn’t meant for consumption and it’s not what you want to water your plants or lawn with, either. Note that, particularly if you live in an older home, you may have to run extra water lines if you want to have a “hard” line for the kitchen sink and outside hoses.

Hopefully you found this information. If you have further questions about water softeners, please contact me.

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