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how it worksThere is so much to be excited about when you buy a new home, but there is also, typically, a lot to learn. Acquiring a basic knowledge of the mechanics of your Guelph home – things like plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems – is a good idea.

One of the things I like to do when I am out on a plumbing service call in Guelph is to talk to the home owner to see just how well they understand their home’s plumbing system.

From my experience, it’s a big range. Some home owners are all over it and they know a lot about the mechanics of their home and can speak to me pretty confidently with regard to whatever plumbing or water treatment issue has arisen. Others seem really lost, even when I ask basic questions related to the way their home “works,” in so far as plumbing, at least. Part of my job is to make sure that those “lost” folks always understand things a lot better by the time I leave.

Here’s the thing. If you’re a Guelph home owner, it’s important for you to get at least a basic understanding of how your home’s plumbing works. You should know where your pipes are – and what is flowing through each of them. If I had a dime for every time I went to someone’s home to repair damage caused by someone hammering a nail right into some pipe behind the walls, I’d be a rich man!

Another basic: know where the main shut-off valve for your plumbing is. In case of a plumbing emergency, this knowledge could mean the difference between a small clean-up and a huge insurance claim. In the case of surprise repairs, often getting the main turned off is a first and very critical course of action for Guelph home owners to avoid water damages. Turn the water off and get that situation under control, while you wait for the plumber to show up to resolve the situation.

In addition to the ‘big guns’ like a main shut-off, your home may have shut-offs associated with appliances. So, for example, you may have one connected to your dishwasher so that, if that appliance is causing problems, you can at least close off the flow of water to it to avoid further issues.

By the way, the same goes for water treatment. Sometimes people buy a home with an existing water treatment system but never actually learn how it works. Some water treatment systems are pretty straightforward; others are highly complex. You need to at least understand the basics, and be taught about preventive maintenance which can avoid costly repairs.

If you don’t know much about your Guelph home’s plumbing or water works, contact me. I can come to your home and help you understand these basic aspects of your home’s plumbing and water treatment systems.

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