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Save Money When Hiring a Guelph PlumberEveryone is looking for ways to keep costs down these days. If you’ve got a project that requires the services of a Guelph plumber, there are a few ways you can help to keep your costs minimized. One of them: Be prepared!

Most plumbers, myself included, charge for service calls on a time-plus-materials basis. Now, a repair is likely going to take as long as it takes and there’s not much you can do about that, but one thing you can certainly control is how clear and accessible the work space is.

It doesn’t make much sense to pay someone in a Red Seal trade their wage to clear out a bathroom cabinet – but if you have work required under the sink, he’ll need that space cleared out.

Kids and pets, well I have both and I love both – but they can also extend the time a plumber spends at your house, if he needs to work around them or if they are disruptive.

By taking a few simple steps – clearing out the area in question, ensuring that the plumber can solely focus on the job, you’ll fast-track his work and that saves you money.

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