How Little Plumbing Leaks Can Turn into Big Issues

//How Little Plumbing Leaks Can Turn into Big Issues

Small Plumbing Leaks Can Become Big Problems - Guelph PlumberI often get asked by people what my worst plumbing work experience was. Of course, like most plumbers, I have no shortage of “war stories.” But, I can honestly say the worst fiascos tend to be the ones that actually started out as small plumbing leaks that were disregarded.

When it comes to plumbing and the fixtures in your home, a small leak is a sign that something is wrong. It could turn out to be very minor, but sometimes that first small leak is a sign of a big problem. Leaks are a warning sign. A plumbing part may be aging past its prime, or there could be an issue with the plumbing in a home’s drains, waste, vents, or waterlines. Obviously, there is no end to the scenarios of what could be wrong.

It makes no sense to wait on things. Fixing a hopefully small issue will be a lot easier to bear than damage due to neglect, that could include mould or other damage to the home.

One example comes to mind. Back when I was an apprentice Plumber, I went on a service call to a Guelph condo building. The shower in the unit was absolutely trashed! In diagnosing the problem, it turned out that the owner of the unit had noticed quite some time ago that the grout in the shower looked wet and cracked. Well, she didn’t really think much of it, until she was showing that morning and a very large portion of the ceiling, tile, and drywall fell on top of her! Shocked from what happened, she slipped and fell, and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. Thankfully, she was okay, but it was a traumatic experience for her, and a costly one… and in each case totally avoidable had she taken care of the issue before it deteriorated so badly.

Found a small plumbing leak or other sign that there’s a repair needed? Don’t wait. Have a licensed plumber come and take a look, and get ahead of the problem.

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