Galvanized Pipe Replacement – Why is it Needed?

//Galvanized Pipe Replacement – Why is it Needed?

Replacing Galvanized Piping in Guelph Homes In the course of things like a home inspection or during a renovation, you may come across galvanized pipes in your Guelph home. It’s an issue that needs to be addressed, and here’s why. 

Although galvanized material is still used (and still to Code) in many industrial applications, galvanized piping is no longer used in residential plumbing. There are a few reasons for this.

First, we now understand that zinc erodes from galvanized pipes and the corrosion that builds up inside of the pipes can, over time, lead to both low water pressure and the potential for leaks. A galvanized pipe can lose half of its interior diameter in the first seven years of life, simply due to mineral build-up.

With galvanized pipe in the home, water quality problems are also common. Lead, for example, can accumulate inside of those pipes in the case of older homes where a lead water main or lead water lines exist or existed at some point.

For a variety of reasons, insurance companies typically flag galvanized plumbing as problematic. In fact, quite often we hear that insurance companies want proof that galvanized pipe replacement has occurred in the home, in order for the policyholder to retain coverage.

Can I Remove the Pipe Myself?

Galvanized pipe replacement is a job best left to a licensed and insured plumber. It’s not an easy material to work with. This way, you can ensure that the work is being done properly and adheres to today’s Plumbing Code standards.

We have plenty of experience with galvanized pipe replacement in Guelph homes, so call on us if you need us for this or other plumbing or water treatment services.

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