Drain Maintenance, things to consider.

//Drain Maintenance, things to consider.

17841401_sI get asked a lot about the kind of routine maintenance the average home owner can take on when it comes to Drains.  Here are 4 things to  consider regarding drain maintenance.

  1. The Garden Hose or Compressed Gas – Some people think the added water pressure of a hose will flush out the pipes and unclog drains. Usually, all this does is create a giant hassle for you and risk damaging your pipes. The drain in your house isn’t designed to cope with high a mounts of forced air being pumped in to remove a clog,  you will most likely end up with a large mess and possible damage to your property.
  2. Drain Augers – These tools can be very useful in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing. In the hands of an amateur, however, a drain auger can quickly damage your pipes.
  3. Chemical Drain Cleaners – Besides the obvious safety hazards, many chemical drain cleaners simply don’t work, and they often cause more harm then good.  Chemical drain cleaners just aren’t capable of removing solid obstructions. They can also be a fire hazard when combined with other cleaning agents previously used in your drainage.
  4. Fixing it Yourself – Unless you are a plumber or have experience plumbing, it is highly advised that you do not disassemble the piping to find the obstruction yourself. Again, you are more likely to damage your pipes and or property than to actually fix the problem.  Call the professionals.
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