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About Will B. Plumbing

Our company’s founder, Wil Boardman, is a licensed and insured plumber who lives and works in Guelph, Ontario. His experience includes service and repair work for residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing projects. With over 9,000 hours of plumbing service and water treatment experience under his belt, and a desire to venture out on his own, Wil launched his own business in the fall of 2014.

It’s no secret that the mystique surrounding plumbing practices and prices are often the cause of additional problems for people who just want their plumbing issues taken care of quickly. At Will B. Plumbing, our focus is to help you with your plumbing needs as cost-effectively, honestly, and efficiently as possible.

We specialize in small plumbing service and repair projects as well water treatment for Guelph and the surroundng area. Contact us for a quote on your project.

  • Fully licensed and insured plumber
  • Committed to service excellence
  • In-depth knowledge of plumbing and water treatment
  • Active in the Guelph business community